Largest Crocodile Ever Recorded

The largest crocodile ever recorded (dubbed as “Lolong”) – this saltwater crocodile has hit the big time - at 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) long, it is officially the largest in captivity the Guinness World Records announced recently.

Suspected of attacking several people and killing two, the giant reptile was captured alive in the Philippines’ Bunawan township. It weighed in at a massive  2,370-pounds (1,075-kilograms).

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largest crocodile 1

largest crocodile 2

largest crocodile 3

largest crocodile 4

The previous captive record-holder was a 17.97-foot-long (5.48-meter-long) Australian-caught saltwater crocodile. Read more about Australian saltwater crocodiles here.

Read more about the new Philippine world record crocodile at the National Geographic Channel’s website.

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